Replacing internal SD card.

James Cameron quozl at
Sat Oct 10 02:56:45 EDT 2015

None of the potential difficulties are likely.

The potential difficulties are;

- incompatibility between the microSD card and the firmware, which may
  show up either immediately (cannot install) or over several days
  (random hangs),

- electrostatic discharge damage to the microSD card or motherboard,
  which may show up immediately or take several months to appear,

- management of performance expectations; despite the new card being
  designed for and qualified at a higher speed, the laptop may
  continue to use it at the normal speed,

The potential benefits are;

- larger size of storage,

- increased performance in booting and starting activities.

You asked about 8 GB.  This reminds me; at sizes above 16 GB, the
operating system does not quickly resize to fill the card, it can take
much longer than normal on first boot.

With an 8 GB card the first boot after install may take several
seconds longer than usual as the partition is resized to fit the
larger card.

James Cameron

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