is it ok to change the passwd for user 'olpc' ?

James Cameron quozl at
Thu Nov 5 18:27:32 EST 2015

No, it is generally not done that way.

Instead, one copies the public key to the XO laptop, and then a
password is not necessary, and it can remain unset.

	sudo service sshd start
	sudo chkconfig sshd on

Copy the id*.pub file from your system to the laptop, save it in a
directory .ssh as file name authorized_keys, then fix the file
protection or it won't work.  One method of many:

	mkdir --mode 755 ~/.ssh
	cd ~/.ssh
	wget http://server/xo/authorized_keys
	chmod 0644 authorized_keys

Yes, you can set up a different user if you like.  As the user 'olpc'
has root anyway, a different user will be less privileged.  It really
depends on what this lesser user is to be entitled to do.

On Thu, Nov 05, 2015 at 05:44:35PM -0500, Adam Holt wrote:
> Is it generally OK to change the password of user 'olpc' on an XO laptop, e.g.
> to set up remote ssh access to that XO?
> Or is it somehow safer to create or set up a brand new Linux user for this
> purpose?
> Thanks if u know!
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