Fwd: android on XO-4 questions

Youxin Su ben at morphoss.com
Mon May 18 18:37:56 EDT 2015

>     - is it possible to get root?  there's a terminal emulator
>         pre-installed, and it's possible to browse the filesystem
>         and do a few things, but being root would give access to
>         more.  (logs, for instance)

There is no official "root" process in Android user build. But there
are bunch of root tools you may can try on Android 4.3, I never tried
them and not sure which secure hole they use, but they may haven't
been fixed by XO-4 Android.

* Serial port has root access.
* Rebuild Android in engineer mode gives you root access out of box.
* XO-4 special secure hole, boot to sugar, unpack the Android ramdisk
in boot partition, change secure configuration, repack ramdisk and
replace it.

>     - are the USB ports fully supported?  i can't seen to get any
>         app that exists to allow access to a USB GPS dongle to work,
>         for instance.

Not tested, only USB mess storage is tested. I don't think USB GPS
dongle will work any way since there should be a GPS hardware abstract
layer for Android needs to be implemented.

>     - has anyone gotten bluetooth audio to work?  i know there's
>         a limitation in the XO-4 hardware regarding audio -- i
>         think stereo headsets won't work -- but can any audio work?
>         (here's a case where looking at logs and dmesg output might
>         be helpful)

Assume you are talk about A2DP?  It's not ported on XO-4, but HSP
should work fine.

>     - i could probably get audio to work via an external (USB)
>         bluetooth dongle, but a) USB devices would need to be
>         recognized, and b), i think i'd need to disable the internal
>         bluetooth.

I have no idea of this.

> finally, a different sort of question:
>     - i have exactly one app (an important one, unfortunately) in
>         which the mapping of ctrl-ESC to emulate the android hardware
>         "Menu" button doesn't work.  does anyone know where that
>         keyboard mapping is implemented?  i'd happily replace the
>         app-switcher function on the rotate button, and make it
>         a true Menu key, instead.

Keyboard mapping is here:

It located in system/usr/keylayout, you may need remount system
partition as rw to change it or change it when booted to sugar.


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