[IAEP] Announcing OLPC OS 13.2.4 for XO-1

tkkang at nurturingasia.com tkkang at nurturingasia.com
Mon May 11 20:19:56 EDT 2015

Great news .. indeed.

I am trying out the new 13.2.4 release in my XO-1 now.

When I try to use the sugar-install-bundle to install/add new
activities (e.g. recall-4.xo) it stall at the end with the message:

caution: excluded filename not matched: mimetype

I need to use Ctrl-C as keyboard interrupt  to continue.

In a simple script that contain a number of sugar-install-build I have to do many Ctrl-C to enable it to run. In previous 13.2.1 I need no manual intervention.


T.K. Kang
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>Subject: [IAEP] Announcing OLPC OS 13.2.4 for XO-1
>We're pleased to announce the release of OLPC OS 13.2.4 for XO-1.
>It is Sugar 0.104 on Fedora 18, with a fix to using Browse with Google
>To install on XO-1:
>	http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Release_notes/13.2.4/Installation/XO-1
>To install on SD card on XO-1:
>	http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Release_notes/13.2.4/Installation/XO-1/SD
>Details of new features, known issues, and how to download, install or
>upgrade can be found in the release notes:
>	http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Release_notes/13.2.4
>Many thanks to all contributors, testers, upstreams, and those who
>have provided feedback of any kind.
>James Cameron

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