"XOs cannot act as WiFi access points"

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Mon Mar 16 22:27:57 EDT 2015

Looking at the page that I linked, I think actually this product would
make it feasible, hopefully without too much fuss.
I guess the drivers should come preinstalled with the XO, not sure.


It does respect your freedom, in any case.

I do think the XO would be an excellent option for otherwise low energy
server with an integrated UPS, but it's not a viable server platform for
running even light multi-user server apps. However, this might be just
perfect (or enough) for smaller remote schools.


El 16/03/15 a las 21:23, James Cameron escibiĆ³:
> There's no need to go as far as configuring as an access point when
> ad-hoc networking will work, with suitable configuration of the other
> laptops connecting to it.

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