Libertas firmware

George Hunt georgejhunt at
Thu Jun 4 23:05:37 EDT 2015

I downloaded James new kernel. And found that it did indeed bring up the
graphics chip, and considerable functionality.(light-dm seems to take
90%cpu for 30 seconds, before xfce desktop comes up -- a symptom I have not
fully explored)

But when I looked at the dmesg, there was mention of not being able to load
the libeertas firmware sd8686-v8.  The rpm which is in the fc22 repo for
libertas came down as:

[root at localhost ~]# dnf download libertas-sd8686-firmware.noarch
Last metadata expiration check performed 0:10:53 ago on Thu Jun  4 14:01:59
libertas-sd8686-firmware-20150410-49.gitec89525 9.4 kB/s |  14 kB     00:01

Delta RPMs reduced 0.1 MB of updates to 0.0 MB (88.1% saved)

[root at localhost ~]# rpm -qlp
[root at localhost ~]#

So I cloned the repo, and put the the
sd8686-v8.bin and ....helper.bin into the /lib/firmware/libertas/ folder.

The dmesg  error message went away, and the wifi adapter could list beacons.

When I went back to verify, by removing the sd8686.bin-v8, and reboot. I
still got no error.

I do not know whether firmware is persistent across reboots.  I "egrep'ed"
all of the kernel, and could not find where sd8686-v8.bin is hard coded.

Is this a situation where a symlink would be appropriate? (as in /boot for
vmlinuz and initramfs)

I'm sort of in over my head. There's so much I don't know.
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