Devel Digest, Vol 106, Issue 2

Paul Fox pgf at
Tue Jan 27 14:08:57 EST 2015

please post messages with descriptive subject lines.

lucia wrote:
 > Hi:
 > I subscribe to Mike's question.
 > "Don't hate me people, but I am also interested in finding a copy of Windows
 > > XP for XO-1 to try and learn about how it works and loads on the XO.
 > > Thanks,"

windows for the XO-1 was never publicly available, and was never 
deployed beyond initial trials by the customer who wanted it.

 > Furthermore, (sorry for the pro's here):  I understand that Sugar GUI sits
 > on top of Linux OS, but if somebody wants to develop something in a Windows
 > 8.1 environment (I'm not a converted to Microsoft  or any other OS), does
 > he/she have to go back to the command line?

i don't really understand the question, but if you want to know how to
do sugar development on non-OLPC platforms, you should ask on the
sugar mailing list:


 paul fox, pgf at

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