I'm down in Uruguay this Xmas.

Christoph Derndorfer christoph.derndorfer at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 17:52:19 EST 2015

Hi Richard,

I was in Montevideo last week, tried to connect with some (former?) Ceibal
folks I know, and also got no meaningful responses whatsoever.

So I'm not sure whether everyone is in a mad end-of-year crunch period (as
the souther hemisphere school year is about to end), most people I know
simply don't work there anymore or I simply was out of luck.

If I had had more time (I was in Montevideo for only 24 hours) I would have
tried to reach out to RAP Ceibal and ceibalJAM folks to see whether they
can put me in touch with the right people inside LATU. However it's my
understanding that many of the communities around Plan Ceibal are no longer
active and/or dissolved so don't get your hopes up too much.

Good luck and I hope it still works out for you. For me it was certainly
fun to see a kid using an XO while his father walked him home from school
somewhere in downtown Montevideo. :-)

Am 09.12.2015 22:44 schrieb "Richard A. Smith" <richard at laptop.org>:

> I'm going to be spending my Christmas holiday on the beaches of La Paloma,
> Uruguay.   I'll be there Dec 24th - Jan 3.
> One of those days my girlfriend and I plan to go in to Montevideo and look
> around the city.
> I'd love to get a tour of the Plan Ceibal offices and chat, lunch, or
> dinner, with anyone still around who's working with XO's.
> I've sent mail to various people I had contact with, Miguel, and to the
> stock email address ceibal at ceibal.edu.uy.  Most of the emails bounced and
> the response from the ceibal@ address was that they would pass my info on
> to people on the project.  However, I've not heard back from anybody.
> Anyone here know of someone I could contact @Ceibal who's involved with
> the XO's they have?
> --
> Richard A. Smith  <richard at laptop.org>
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