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On Sat, December 5, 2015 10:08 am, Paul Fox wrote:
> that being said, it's possible to write code to handle combinations of
> those keypresses (e.g., "all mashed down at once") separately from the
> individual strokes.  you either need to intercept the keys at a pretty low
> level (scan codes) and keep track of the up and down state of every key,
> or you can read the keys normally and use a user-level timer to decide
> whether more than one has been pressed in very quick succession.

Your replies are very helpful, thanks.  I imagine the left
and right controllers are the same or almost the same on
the circuit board; the difference is only in the buttons.
Will check next time I have the machine apart.

May I add your information to ?
It might interest others.

Thanks again,             ... Peter E.

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