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Paul Fox pgf at
Sat Dec 5 11:02:48 EST 2015

the "game controller" is simply 4 separate electrical contacts with a
button large enough to push them individually or together (in some
combinations).  the resulting presses are reported as keyboard
keystrokes.  if i remember correctly, these buttons are bound to the
"keypad" versions of the arrow keys, i.e. KP_UP, KP_RIGHT, etc.  use
'xev' to check me on this.


peter wrote:
 > Hi,
 > I'm interested in use of the game controller or controllers in
 > place of the TouchPad or mouse. This is relevant to eBook mode
 > where the TouchPad is not accessible and a mouse is not convenient.
 > This is what I have.
 > [olpc at xo-53-1d-bb ~]$ cat /boot/olpc_build
 > 13.2.5 for XO-1.5 (build 17)
 > bash-4.2# evtest
 > No device specified, trying to scan all of /dev/input/event*
 > Available devices:
 > /dev/input/event0:	Lid Switch
 > /dev/input/event1:	Power Button
 > /dev/input/event2:	AT Translated Set 2 keyboard
 > /dev/input/event3:	EBook Switch
 > /dev/input/event4:	olpc-kbdshim virtual keyboard
 > /dev/input/event5:	SynRelPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad
 > /dev/input/event6:	olpc-kbdshim virtual mouse
 > /dev/input/event7:	USB Optical Mouse
 > Select the device event number [0-7]:
 > No mention of the Game controller.  Is any joystick device present?
 > [olpc at xo-53-1d-bb ~]$ ls -l /dev/j*
 > ls: cannot access /dev/j*: No such file or directory
 > Can any Linux software detect or communicate with this game
 > controller?  Ideas?
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