GentooXO; Re: Ubuntu 15.04/15.10 for xo-1

Arne Babenhauserheide arne_bab at
Fri Aug 28 22:28:38 EDT 2015

Am Samstag, 29. August 2015, 09:09:28 schrieb James Cameron:
> > If you guys want i could port ubuntu 15.04 or 15.10 to xo-1 like i did
> > with 14.04 
> Did anybody use it?  I didn't.  It was too hard!

I don’t know about Ubuntu, but I’m still using GentooXO on an xo-1 as
my working system when I’m moving.

Best wishes,
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heißt politisch sein, 
ohne es zu merken. 
- Arne (

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