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I only wish use of laptops was long enough for any of this to matter. At 
the deployments I know about,
access to laptops is less that three hours per week.


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> For interest,
> "When computers were introduced into classrooms, little was known how
> they should be placed and how their use would affect students’
> posture. It turns out computer use is often better for bodies than the
> use of traditional pen and paper, as students don’t slump and hunch
> over their desks. But too often students don’t move for long periods
> and this creates risk. Leon Straker has produced guidelines for
> computer use in classrooms. He is keen that good practice for posture
> and regular movement be adopted early in life as habits remain long
> after school."
> Evidence based guidelines for wise e-game use by Professor Leon
> Straker, School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Curtin
> University:
> -- James Cameron

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