Telepathy Salut on Sugar 0.102 on Fedora 20 almost works

James Cameron quozl at
Wed Sep 17 20:38:56 EDT 2014

Adding a gateway fixes Salut over ad-hoc.

For instance, using the pre-defined Ad-hoc Network 11, then typing
this command, makes buddy icons and shared activities appear:

	sudo ip route add default via

The IP chosen need not exist on the network.

Therefore, it wasn't the manual address configuration that you did
which fixed it, it was the addition of a gateway.

Perhaps Salut was changed from Fedora 18 to Fedora 20 to require a
default route.

Also, there's some other problem that causes split ad-hoc networks; on
my desk at the moment are four XO-4 that have partitioned themselves
into two ad-hoc networks both named "Ad-hoc Network 11".  The two
groups can ping each other, show buddy icons, share activities, but
cannot ping outside their group.

I've updated
to add your /etc/environment suggestion.

James Cameron

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