Testing 40002au4.zd image on XO-4

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sun Sep 14 22:14:32 EDT 2014

On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 01:38:19AM +0000, tkkang at nurturingasia.com wrote:
> 4. Picture taken by record normal but when view from clicking the
> picture "overexposed when access from the journal.

Reproduced using this sequence:

1.  take photograph using Record activity,

2.  stop the Record activity,

3.  open the Journal,

4.  click on the photograph to open Image Viewer activity,

This appears to be caused by Image Viewer.  I'm using version 59.

The photograph is correctly shown if opened in Record, or using
Journal preview.

If the photograph is copied to a USB drive and viewed on another
system, there is no problem.

James Cameron

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