Testing 40002au4.zd image on XO-4

Martin Abente Lahaye tch at sugarlabs.org
Sun Sep 14 21:47:15 EDT 2014


Thanks for the report.

On Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 9:38 PM, <tkkang at nurturingasia.com> wrote:

> Maybe this information is already known.
> Played around and found the following:
> 1. Piano and Write not working.

Gonzalo already fixed that one (also with music painter) :)

> 2. Browse will work but sometime it just kick you out :-(

Hmm, can you send activity logs?

> 3. Other connected XO will not show in neighbourhood.

I think James was looking into that one... I need to catch up.

> 4. Picture taken by record normal but when view from clicking the picture
> "overexposed when access from the journal.

I didn't notice that one.

> 5. Can't get out to Gnome

Yeah, but I didn't have the time to check that one yet.

I am still trying to figure out some problems with yum....

The work for getting a decent Fedora 20 build is just starting ;)

Thanks a lot for your time! Will let you know when we get another build

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