[Sugar-devel] XO on Fedora 20 (was Re: [GSoC] Porting To Python3)

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu May 8 17:55:16 EDT 2014

On Thu, May 08, 2014 at 12:55:32PM -0400, Martin Abente wrote:
> I built the image for XO 1.5 but it freezes during boot.
> It reaches to the stage:
>     Starting Wait for Wait for Plymouth Boot Screen to Quit...
> Right after that I see these two messages:
>     dcon_freeze_store: 1
>     dcon_source_switch to DCON

Are these messages on display or on serial port?  If on display,
attach a serial terminal and look for more messages.  Because once the
DCON is frozen, you won't see any display updates.

> Then the screen slowly and gradually turns gray.

The screen does this in the event that the video output from the
processor stops.

With the DCON frozen, the screen should not do this.  I think the DCON
has been unfrozen, but the video output has stopped.

> Any idea what this could be? Any suggestion for debugging it?

Attach serial terminal and enquire as to the state of processes
responsible for video output.  Usually the X server.  Check the X
server logs.

Alternatively, if serial terminal cannot be used (e.g. no cable),
build the image with a preloaded SSH key, and a preselected network.

Then once the wireless LED shows network connection, use SSH to log in
and debug through that channel.

James Cameron

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