WiFi Problem

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon May 5 18:44:10 EDT 2014


There are many tools and methods to test with, to find the cause of
the problem.  You should be able to use all tools, otherwise it is
more difficult for us to help you.

Test with a developer key, and then remove it before returning the
laptop to child.

The developer key can be used on a USB drive, with an activated laptop,
without disabling security.

So please do apply for a developer key for these two laptops.  Send me
the laptops.dat file by e-mail.  I may be able to give you a key with
limited duration (e.g. 14 days).

http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Collection_stick shows the process to use.

Once you have unlocked laptop, I can lead you through some more tests:

- check the antennas and cable, using

- check for a kernel bug we know about,

- update to most recent operating system build, (you can always put it
  back to what it was later, but meanwhile you learn critical data; is
  the problem caused by old build),

I agree with John's plan as well.  Based on your mail so far, this is
a problem with the laptop, not the software, but the software can help
to find the cause.

James Cameron

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