WiFi Problem

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Mon May 5 17:04:41 EDT 2014

On May 5, 2014, at 4:49 PM, Juan Carlos Garcès Mariño wrote:

> I do not need upgrade to sugar 0.100, because I need have the XO with active security, 
> really I need resolve this problem: the wifi have little power and not detected with easily the networks, I changed the network card and the antennas but did not work, besides  I installed again the operative system sugar no luck.

Software confusion aside, now you have my interest.

You have tried using a known good antenna(s), and a known good card, and
still saw the problem ?

My first suggestion in a case like this is to replace the main antenna
with a known good one and retest.
The main antenna is the left-most one when looking at the motherboard,
and is usually connected to the right-most connector on the WLAN card
(labelled "Main").
The next suggestion is to replace the WLAN card.   If you've done both of
those and it still doesn't work well, look in /var/log/messages for any error
messages from the driver (indicating a possible problem with the SDIO bus).

Just about the only thing left to try is to measure the +1.8V and +3.3V at
the card socket while Linux is running, there could be something wrong with
the power switches Q29, Q37 and Q38.


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