trac: lost all accounts, apology

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-reply-to-2014-1 at
Tue Mar 4 03:13:45 EST 2014

Hello James,

James Cameron <quozl at> writes:

> However, I have not loaded these dumps into the production
> database, because I don't see a need, and most of the data is spam;
> roughly 5500 accounts, with no easy way to validate.
> Thanks to the people who have re-registered.  For those that had
> specific permissions, I've added back the permissions you had.

Thanks for working on recovery.

If I re-register, will the bugs I reported or am CC'ed on still be
associated with my (recreated) account?

If there's additional work required on your side to restore the above
associations: Would you prefer me to re-register or is it easier to just
restore my account from the backup?

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