Devel Digest, Vol 100, Issue 8

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at
Sun Jun 15 03:30:17 EDT 2014

Hi, James

Thanks for your response. I would conclude that the best approach at the 
moment is to
use 13.2.0 on the XO-1. This fixes the issue with the firmware and the 
libertas problem.
It also means working with only one build across the XO versions.

In my experience, the children we are serving are more patient than the 


On 06/14/2014 06:00 PM, devel-request at wrote:
> Regarding the 12.1.0 vs 13.2.0 debate that Adam keeps raising, the
> underlying problem is more about management of expectations.  The
> teachers and students were probably not involved in development,
> didn't get an early chance to point out the regression, and so Adam
> was burned.
> I find 12.1.0 as slow as 13.2.0, so I can't recommend it for XO-1
> unless Gnome is used instead of Sugar.

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