Announcing the development of OLPC OS 13.2.1

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Fri Jun 13 09:01:45 EDT 2014

Courageous Tony, speaking up for the uncountable voiceless around the world
keeping XO-1s in operation, long after their stated 5-year design life.

In Haiti as in other places, derivatives of Release 12.1.0 have been found
to be a genuine lifeline for XO-1s, with Releases 13.* too slow for
teachers and students quite vocal about classroom usability.  While in
Haiti and the Contributors Program we use
based on 12.1.0, awareness that both Fedora 17 (underlying 12.1.0) and
Fedora 18 (underlying 13.*) have been End-of-Life'd during the past year ( is "consoled" by the fact the
vast majority of such XO-1s are used purely offline, immune from Internet
attacks for now.

XO-1 youth planetwide will remain silently and overwhelmingly offline, but
their needs {12.2.0, HaitiOS, Jon Nettleton has similar ideas??} should not
be forgotten until 2020 -- if not beyond?  James Cameron and Nathan Riddle
are just some of the many who've kept these vital XO-1 communities purring,
long after the self-indulgent "progress machine" has forgotten Earth Day,
moving on to short-life-cycle "planned obsolescence" hardware that does not
survive this eBay community ecosystem test:

*Thank you new contributors and old for your truly priceless ongoing
assistance 7 years after mass production began Nov 2007 ! !*

On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 7:41 AM, Tony Anderson <tony_anderson at>

> Hi, James
> It would also be very helpful to have a release 12.2.0 for the XO-1. This
> release would incorporate
> the libertas patch and correct the firmware version. Perhaps the
> and could
> be replaced with versions that correct the reported problems. If
> politically acceptable, this could also be shown on the release page as the
> recommended  alternative for use with the XO-1.
> Tony
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>> Announcing our next release cycle:
>> Goal is to add hardware support for the new SIV121C camera sensor, and
>> include wireless performance fixes published since 13.2.0.
>> Scope is restricted to Open Firmware, and kernel.
>> -- James Cameron
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