Google Glass on Android on XO-4...for fun

Mike Lee curiouslee at
Wed Jan 1 16:08:24 EST 2014

I successfully tried out the early "a4g" (Android for Giulia?) build of
Android Jelly bean for XO-4 as announced here:

After encouraging posts by Anna, Sameer and Christoph, I flashed the 4GB
image on an Unleash Kids XO-4 SKU306 SHC31100316. The wifi connected
immediately to my home router. The Google Play Store was working after I
set up my account in Settings, so I was able to download a few apps to try.
Though the trackpad is not implemented yet, I was able to navigate using
the touchscreen. The screen redraw is indeed slow, but usable.

I was able to play through the internal speakers some MP3s from Google Play
Music and I also discovered that the microphone is working.

For fun, I installed the Google Glass XE5 launcher and associated apps from

The necessary files were unpacked on my MacBook and moved over on a USB
stick and installed with ES File Explorer.

Since Bluetooth is not enabled yet, I wasn't able to pair the Google Glass
apps with my Google account, but I was able to get around some of the user
interface. Recent versions of the Google Glass software have removed the
bluetooth requirement, but I haven't found a more recent installable system
dump than the above.

When Bluetooth is running, I should be able to pair the MyGlass companion
app on the XO-4 with my real set of Glasses and screencast into the XO.

"OK ButiĆ”, draw me the phase of the Moon!"

Here are photos and videos of my tests:

Seeing Google Now's voice control and card-like interface made me think
about the possibilities of the XO-4 and XO Tablet experience offering the
ability to augment face-to-face group interactions rather than being a
1-to-1 device engagement with a launcher plastered on top for app
navigation. The recent release of the GDK makes immersive on-board apps
that don't need internet possible in Glass.

It should be an exciting 2014 indeed when the full dual boot package with
Android and Sugar/Gnome is ready.

Happy New Year!

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