[support-gang] is rolling back firmware dangerous? (on XO-1s especially)

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Feb 18 17:32:05 EST 2014

On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 05:16:31PM -0500, Kevin Gordon wrote:
> Well, as much as it would be fun to throw Mr. Holt under the bus on
> this, I must do the mea culpa. :-)  I volunteered to lend Tim and
> him a slew of XO-1's to do AP testing, but I asked for him to
> confirm that if I had to roll back firmware as well as O/S that it
> was OK to do so. As it turns out, I then in the interim upgraded all
> their f/w to current ( using flash u:\q2f19.rom ) before handing
> them over, and all was good, thereby rendering the initial RFI moot,
> it would appear.  Again, thanks for all the info, it's really
> helpful going forward.

Thanks, I understand now.

Good that you upgraded, because Tim would have had to do it otherwise.

At that stage of my diagnosis of #12757 I had excluded Open Firmware
as cause; it has stopped running once the Linux kernel starts.

So it should not have mattered what firmware was used.  But to keep
the number of variables down, I wrote Q2F19 in the call for testing

The wireless adapter firmware version may have been relevant, but it
had not changed for a very long time, and is included in the operating
system build, so it didn't really matter.


James Cameron

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