Announcing another early Android build for XO-4

James Cameron quozl at
Thu Apr 17 07:27:04 EDT 2014

An Android 4.3.1 (Jelly Bean) build for the XO-4 laptop.

OLPC is preparing an Android, Sugar and Gnome dual-boot system for the

Our next development build is available, with the following changes:

- camera recording is working,

- Chrome as default browser,

- improved keyboard mapping,

- the rotate button invokes the Android apps switch,

- the hardware codecs are working,

- movie editor crashes fixed,

- boot menu integrated with firmware, and no saved boot choice,

- idle sleep,

- power button sleep,

Note: to boot into Android now, you must hold the O game key, or
hold the rocker down key.  The boot choice is no longer saved.  This
is so that laptops are not forced off when the saved state is
inconsistent with the user's expectations.

The build is based on our arm-3.5 kernel, with changes which will be
found in the arm-3.5-android branch of our olpc-kernel repository.

Note: the .zd file has the same name as previous releases.

James Cameron

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