Multi-touch [ Devel Digest, Vol 98, Issue 6]

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Fri Apr 11 18:40:34 EDT 2014

Additional speculation: testers may be also using the wrong gestures  
for this version of Android. On my Galaxy S3 smartphone, I do not need  
to triple tap to enable zoom and I can pan with one finger rather than  

These two speculations aside, the zooming seems unresponsive at times,  
even when I am careful not to cross on X or Y


> Speculation: some of the tests fail because a tester is using gestures
> that have worked on a conventional touchscreen.  The XO-4 has a tilted
> XY infrared touchscreen, and so certain gestures become ambiguous when
> the fingers cross on XY coordinates.
> If so, and the functions can be discovered, then a naive learner will
> rapidly figure out gestures which work reliably.  The learned gestures
> will also work on a conventional touchscreen.
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