Multi-touch [ Devel Digest, Vol 98, Issue 6]

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Fri Apr 11 14:23:42 EDT 2014

> I could not find Settings, Developer options but I did find Settings,  
> System, Accessibility, Magnification gestures which by default is off.  
> Turning it on enabled pan and zoom.
> Not sure but it seems that you need to tripletap first and then pan  
> and zoom are available, pan seems to require two fingers. Works in  
> home screen and browser.

Actually zoom, pinch, triple tap etc all work without turning magnification gestures on.
Multi-touch is there (I managed up to 3) but very poor, with the second one often not detected or dropped or going on and of. 2 point rotation is also miss and hit sometimes moving the opposite way (while making sure I have mo finger masking) and once worked OK and then kept moving for about 3 seconds while my fingers were moved (way) off the screen.

Multitouch is not great in Sugar/GNOME either (try a 2-note chord in Music Keyboard - even had some "stuck" keys) and there are not any really touch-demanding apps but it would appear that is a bit more problematic in Android. 

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