Sugar on a $100 tablet!

George Hunt georgejhunt at
Sat Sep 7 07:23:22 EDT 2013

There's a complex "Sugar on Android" solution. At this point, it's only for
hackers. But it just might help us achieve the $100 Sugar machine.

Refer to

The idea is to run a fedora arm image compiled to run under android, in the
background.  This background task would feed, and receive, display and
keystroke communications, to and from an android version of vnc, both of
these tasks running on the same tablet. (vnc = Virtual Network Computing --
google it if unfamiliar)

I don't know if it will be illegal for any of us to do this to a $150 XO
tablet, because under the Digital Melinium Copyright Act (DCMA) the
manufacturer must specifically permit rooting a tablet. The terms of use
included with the XO Tablet do not appear to authorize rooting of the
hardware, although they do acknowledge open-source components within the
product.   These open source components might somewhat limit the

But google has said it is fine to root the Nexus, and there are $100
Allwinner tablets to which one can legally add software.

So there are plenty of options, for us hackers who believe in Sugar.

I'm inclined to play with the nexus, because there's so much information
available on how to add software. Then later I can try it with a $100

But there's a lot of tinkering/hacking to do before we can evaluate what
the user experience might be.

I'm looking forward to the challenge,

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