pretty boot stall on 1.5

Paul Fox pgf at
Thu Sep 5 12:17:56 EDT 2013

kevin wrote:
 > >
 > > One of the first things powerd interacts with is the network card, I'd
 > > run the OFW's tests for wifi. On one of the problem XOs, once in sugar
 > > can you connect to an AP? Can you send me the logs from /var/log off
 > > list to have a quick look at?
 > >
 > Jerry, you're a troubleshooting genius.  Once I got into sugar from the
 > check-mark boot, I could see the AP's, but couldn't connect.
 > Alas, having that insight, this now became a probelm which I had seen
 > before and knew how to solve. :-)
 > Yep, as I'm sure everyone on the list will now giggle at me ... the hwclock
 > was set to 01/01/1963,.  once i did the date -- set, then hwclock
 > --systohc, all works wonderfully on pretty boot.

ah yes.  the bad date confuses powerd.  time in unix is normally
counted in seconds since the start of 1970, so your date causes time
to be reported as a negative number.  powerd discards events that may
have arrived before some reasonable time in the past -- this is
usually the time of last suspend -- but at boot the value compared
against is 0.  so all events prior to 1970 appear too old, and they
all get discarded.  (and so the DCON isn't unfrozen.)

the fix for this happens to be the very last commit made to powerd,
and was released in powerd-110.

 paul fox, pgf at

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