pretty boot stall on 1.5

Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at
Thu Sep 5 10:00:22 EDT 2013


I have a bunch of 1.5's that I purchased used from OLPC Miami that I'm
prepping to go out through OLPC Canada into the aboriginal communities, and
I've run into a rather strange issue.  Of the 40 machines, 27 of them
re-image perfectly well and reboot wonderfully both on F17 and F14 builds.
 All 40 machines are flashed with Q3C07 OFW.  I can repeatedly, using any
of my 10 build sticks, reflash ad nauseam, and those 27 little beasts boot
up perfectly.

However, the other 13 always stall at the end of the pretty boot with all
the little dots on, and the icon in the middle of the screen.  Doesn't
matter whether F14 or F17 based builds, always the same symptoms.
 Hang/stall once all the little circle of dots stop animating.  There are
no SD cards or USB devices attached to any of them, and the batteries are
all charged up and the machines plugged in.

Being adventurous, i said to myself, let's do a check-mark key text boot on
these 13 to perhaps ascertain where it is is hanging up.  Of course, when I
do the text boot, the problem machines come up perfectly every time, again
regardless of whether an F17 or F14 machine.. When ltting it reboot without
the check-mark key they again stall.

The serial numbers for the machines have no pattern in this either, some in
the range go fine, others do not.  All machines are SKU 129.

I seem to remember that there was a thread or ticket a while back about
this, but I cannot seem to locate it.

Any ideas??


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