Principles for ethical technology use

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> 2.  Is this going to harm or dehumanise anyone, even people I don’t
> know and will never meet?

 First of all, I must say that the OLPC ecosystem is one of the most
respectful, helpful, welcoming workspaces.

Some recent, well publicized "brogrammer" antics have put tech culture in
an unflattering light.  But those "gross dudes" are becoming outliers,
there has been widespread disgust with the behavior.

Within OLPC, my gender isn't an issue, I'm just a regular person who just
wants to get stuff done.  I'm very grateful to OLPC for creating a
non-toxic space for me to contribute.  To be creative, try out new things,
and receive encouragement, suggestions, and constructive corrections from
the wider community.

I know what working with a**h*** misogynistic jerks is like and I've never
encountered anyone with that attitude here.  And, if one day someone did
talk ugly to me for no reason, I feel confident that y'all wouldn't just
let that slide.

We all bring our own unique perspectives to the table and our community
thrives with diversity.

Anna Schoolfield
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