some very cool features for a capacitive touchscreen

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> > I saw some very cool features in a presentation today at the Internet
> > Archive. The presentation was by Eitenne Mineur, as part o the "Books
> > in Browsers 13" event.
> >
> > They are using paper and other simple objects that have kind of
> > conductive patterns to create story platforms, but with interactivity.
> > Start with a story screen, place a paper cutout of one of the
> > characters, and the story comes to life. Place a second character, and
> > the scene changes.
> >
> > All very interesting ideas for us to use on the XO-4 Touch, although
> > the XO4 does not use capacitance, but the idea is very cool.
> >
> >
> Wow, this is very inspiring.  Somebody should try this technique on an
> XO-4.

Unfortunately because of the way our touch technology works, this exact
implementation won't work.  However our touch technology is actually nicer
because you don't need special material to activate the touches.  I think
what would work well for us would be an activity that allowed you to
program what shape/character was attached to different size touch points.
 Then use small wooden/plastic disks of different sizes glued or clipped to
the back of the cutouts to trigger the touch events and let the program
know what story to tell.

smallest disk = dog
medium disk = frog
large disk = frisbee

I would have to double check but I think we pass along the touch width as
the pressure value for evdev.  Should be easy to parse the event and figure
out what is on the screen, and should work with 2-4 touches/items.

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