Private vs Public conversations.

David Farning dfarning at
Thu Oct 17 13:56:01 EDT 2013

Over the past  couple of weeks there has been an interesting thread
which started from AC's attempt to clarify our priorities for the next
couple of months. One of the most interesting aspects has been the
interplay between private/political vs. public/vision discussions.

There seem to be several people and organizations with overlapping yet
slightly different goals. Is there interest in seeing how these people
and organizations can work together towards a common goal? Are we
happy with the current degree of fragmentation?

I fully admit my role in the current fragmentation. One of the reasons
I started AC was KARMA. At the time I was frustrated because I felt
that ideas such as karma were being judged on who controlled or
received credit for them instead of their value to deployments. We
hired several key sugar hackers and forked Sugar to work on the

While effective at creating a third voice in the ecosystem, (The
association has shifted more effort towards supporting deployments and
Sugar Labs via OLPC-AU is up streaming many of our deployment specific
patches) my approach was heavy handed and indulgent... and I apologize
for that.

David Farning
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