[Sugar-devel] Activity Central's Sugar related priorities.

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 20:04:17 EDT 2013

On 10 October 2013 00:22, Daniel Narvaez <dwnarvaez at gmail.com> wrote:

> 1 Inability to do OAuth
> This has been discussed for Firefox OS too and as far as I know there is
> no good solution for it yet. I won't claim to understand all the security
> implications, tough the basic issue seems to run content from the web
> inside an higher privileged application. In our case it's worst because we
> don't support hosted web applications at all.

I don't fully  understand the problems involved yet but mozilla seems to
have a found a solution to this


We do have a stable origin already given by the app:// protocol we are
using. Though I'm not sure that's the only requirement (the discussion on
the bug report is long and a bit confusing).
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