[Sugar-devel] Activity Central's Sugar related priorities.

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 19:32:40 EDT 2013

On 8 October 2013 01:07, Samuel Greenfeld <greenfeld at laptop.org> wrote:

> This actually is kind of what I meant (and perhaps should be a separate
> thread).

To simplify things I will only answer about the 0.100 release cycle. Things
have changed a lot anyway and it's probably not worth focusing on the past.

> My understanding is that deployments nowadays are the primary parties
> funding Sugar development.  And the deployments or their contractors
> sometimes duplicate work, run into debates upstreaming things, and/or may
> choose to keep some things semi-private to differentiate their products.

There has been debate only about one set of patches which was too big and
complicated to review. Someone took care of splitting it up in the end
though and it landed.

I'm not aware of duplicate work. I'm not aware of semi-private things used
to differentiate products.

> So apart from major functionality like HTML5 activities, a lot of
> peripheral development is happening downstream-first.  And when we do try
> to do major cross-group development like the GTK3 port, this has lead to
> finger-pointing behind the scenes where it is claimed others are not doing
> what they promised.

I don't think a lot of development is happening downstream. I have to admit
I don't have much visibility about Dextrose/Activity Central though.

I think it's fine for some development to land downstream first, as long as
it is discussed openly from the beginning. It's often a good way to try
things out...

> To the best of my knowledge no single organization currently employs
> enough developers and/or contractors to keep Sugar development alive.  I am
> not certain what the best approach to take is when this is the case.

I'm more concerned that even summing up the resources, there might not be
enough to keep development alive. It really worried me that very little
testing, bug triaging and bug fixing is happening for 0.100.
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