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James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Nov 25 16:53:41 EST 2013

G'day Scott,

There have been no significant changes to the hardware support since
the 13.2.0 release, although Daniel Drake has contributed some fixes
I've seen in the various git repositories.

Firmware fixes yet to be included in a release are:

- a fix for erroneous low-battery power downs that may occur between
  the time the runin tests are used and when power cable and battery
  are removed for shipping, (released as XO-4 EC 0.4.11),

- a minor fix for ntp-set-clock, relevant only for deployments who
  plan to use NTP in their firmware boot script or USB drives, (not
  released, but is in repository),

- a fix for four game key reflash over HTTP, relevant only for
  deployments who plan to use a reinstall image available over
  wireless; e.g. short range 802.11n dongles attached to a server,
  (not released, but is in repository),

I've been working on a fix for the #12694 hang of the XO-4 mwifiex
wireless driver that may occur when a laptop experiences heavy demand
for memory at the same time as a large download.  I'm not ready for
wider testing yet.

Gonzalo and Walter are working on a deployment image, in a different
version number namespace, for which they have used the number 13.3.0,
in which most of the change is in Sugar and activities.  It is based
on 13.2.0 hardware support.

One of the Sugar changes might be considered hardware support;
compatibility with WPA Enterprise and hidden SSID access points.
There might be others, I haven't checked.

There are no hardware changes that I'm aware of in the manufacturing
pipeline, so no new hardware support needed yet.

On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 11:59:59AM -0500, C. Scott Ananian wrote:
> A related question.  I'll try to phrase this delicately -- what's the
> relationship between Walter's "Sugar 100" build and the latest OLPC
> kernel?  Can I safely assume that SugarLabs is the current keeper of
> the flame and has all the latest hardware-support bits (I hope so!).
> Gonzalo pointed me to a different build.  Can someone explain the
> different sources of bits and development to me?
>   --scott

James Cameron

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