[Sugar-devel] Using a new keyboard layout for XO4

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Fri Nov 22 04:50:39 EST 2013

On 21/11/13 23:27, Basanta Shrestha wrote:
> Dear all,
> We are planing on using a different keyboard layout for XO4. The new
> layout we think is phonetically based and easier for children. I simply
> switched the /usr/share/X11/symbols/np file with a new one but did not
> work. I guess there are some other works that needs to be done before we
> can use this file. Can you suggest what needs to be done?
> The layout I want to use is http://nepalinux.org/input/ne

We did this for Maori. We used James's Tiny Core Linux based 
customization stick.

See http://carrott.org/git/mktinycorexo_nz.git/blob/HEAD:/scripts/asroot 
for the script that is run _before the first boot of the laptop_ to 
insert the Maori keyboard, change the keyboard configuration and update 
the Maori translations. The Maori keyboard is called mi. You may also be 
interested in 
which changes the user's locale preferences.

See http://carrott.org/git/mktinycorexo_nz.git/blob/HEAD:/mknzusb for 
the script which makes the customization flash drive. Be sure to read 
and understand it before running as it will wipe your disk and you will 
be sad if it wipes the wrong one!

Clone the whole repo if you like, but my server's bandwidth is not great 
and there is about 50MB in there, so be patient. I should probably 
refactor it to use a submodule to get tinycorexo.

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