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At Pycon 2008, Mike Fletcher gave a tutorial on implementation of 
tic-tac-toe as a shared activity
( The idea is that two 
children play while others watch.
At the end of the game, watchers can play (e.g. loser becomes watcher).

Nim might be better than tic-tac-toe since there is a guaranteed winner 
in nim.

This might be a simple enough activity to try with SharedActivity,


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> I have reviewed and
> This code is very legible and explains well what it does, and can
> serve as an example for new activity authors.
> The docstrings in are an effective explanation of
> the simplified API, so perhaps you can generate the documentation from
> them in the usual Python fashion.
> Next to do is for a few activities to be developed using
> SimpleActivity, so that you can see what remains common to the new
> activities.  The common code might then be added to SimpleActivity.
> is derived from SharedActivity, and so it is complex,
> because a collaborating activity is complex.  I'd like to see also an
> activity example derived from SimpleActivity.
> The number of imports done by still seems high, and a
> SimpleActivity example may be able to reduce that.
> -- James Cameron

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