[Sugar-devel] Introducing SimpleActivity / Introduciendo SimpleActivity

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Nov 22 02:01:09 EST 2013


I have reviewed simpleactivity.py and testactivity.py

This code is very legible and explains well what it does, and can
serve as an example for new activity authors.

The docstrings in simpleactivity.py are an effective explanation of
the simplified API, so perhaps you can generate the documentation from
them in the usual Python fashion.

Next to do is for a few activities to be developed using
SimpleActivity, so that you can see what remains common to the new
activities.  The common code might then be added to SimpleActivity.

testactivity.py is derived from SharedActivity, and so it is complex,
because a collaborating activity is complex.  I'd like to see also an
activity example derived from SimpleActivity.

The number of imports done by testactivity.py still seems high, and a
SimpleActivity example may be able to reduce that.

James Cameron

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