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Daniel Drake dsd at
Thu May 30 10:09:25 EDT 2013

On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 11:50 PM, Peter Robinson <pbrobinson at> wrote:
> Firefox and xulrunner 17 are the late known good (and matching) builds
> for Fedora 17, you need the major versions to be matching (so
> 12/13/17) but if you were pulling in all the latest stable updates
> into the build you would have matching ones AFAICT from koji so
> there's some other issue.

Ah yes, you are right, the latest available versions on koji are
matching (v17) and built OK. I didn't spot them in the mass of failed
builds. So the Fedora situation is OK.

> I'm not sure what the following lines translate to but you should
> never use the koji repositories as repos as they contain all sorts of
> randomly tagged bits that the release repos don't.
> olpc_frozen_1=0,koji.dist-f17-armv7hl
> olpc_frozen_2=0,koji.dist-f17-armv7hl-updates-12.1.0

Don't worry, these are not the koji repos you are thinking of. They
are OLPC's frozen versions of fedora repos from the release's freeze
date and are not directly from koji - really we should change the
naming scheme.

And this is the cause of the problem - upon release freeze date, the
firefox/xulrunner situation was in inconsistent state; this problem
has been frozen in our repos.

Basanta, I would advise against adding the official fedora-updates
repo into your build as has been suggested in this thread - while this
will result in a well matched firefox/xulrunner combination, it will
bring in a lot of untested package updates that were not part of the
release and have probably not been tested on OLPC XO.

Instead, create a local repo with these 2 packages and add it to your
build config:


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