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Jerry Vonau jerry at
Wed May 15 23:02:50 EDT 2013

Hi Folks,

Soon to be hot off the press is the latest edition of XO-system-1 (build
31) based on OLPC's 13.2.0-6 <> for
the XO-duo(-4) will be available at shortly.

I'll post an update when it's ready, stay tuned.

Upstream release
the latest hardware support issues resolved, but without having to
the kernel with
Power management is enabled for this build.

The latest version of Write (89) didn't make the image but is available via
activity updater. Upstream release

There are updates to Paint and FotoToon in the activity updater but have
not passed though our QA process yet, but your welcome to help test.

There is also a later version of TurtleBlocks available for testing in the
activity updater but will be lacking the Australian plug-in.

In other new the release schedule for OLPC's 13.2.0 has been

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