13.2.0 development build 5 released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Fri May 3 17:06:14 EDT 2013



The XO-1.75 build is missing at the moment, it will be added shortly.

Changes are:

Help updated to v16

JournalShare updated to v4

Log updated to v34

MusicKeyboard updated to v7: no longer crackles on XO-4. TamTam still
crackles until the next release is made. (#12651)

TurtleBlocks updated to v175

eToys audio recording now works on XO-4. (#12549)

gobject-introspection optimizations improve Sugar startup time,
activity launch time, and possibly improve performance during general
activity usage (#12631).

We now make full use of audio buffers on XO-4 (#12400)

Screen rotation no longer results in graphics corruption on XO-1.75
and XO-4 (#12542)

GNOME hung on launch on 13.2.0 build 4 for XO-4, this is now fixed (#12658)

Latest firmware releases fix an XO-1.5 time reset problem (#12660) and
a XO-1/XO-1.5 NFS problem (#12662)

Notable package updates: gstreamer1, systemd.

vMeta is now available (via gstreamer-0.10) for XO-4, as well as
XO-1.75, and it is now more stable than before on both platforms.

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