Boot time shell script on USB

T Gillett tgillett at
Thu Mar 28 01:34:43 EDT 2013

Hi Jerry
Thanks. It is 12.1.0 on i386 (XO-1) that I am using, so yes I am definitely

> Well I brought this up awhile ago[1], I hacked up dracut-modules-olpc,
> where the customization key's initrd code runs it's magic, to add some
> of that that functionality. There was some resistance so I've gone it
> alone. I've refined the code since to add the ability to run scripts
> also[2]. Let me know if your interested, should work on i386 up to
> 12.1.0 haven't tested on 13.1(need to compile). On a side note if
> anybody knows why I can't see what going on after the initrd loads on
> ARM I'd be thankful for any pointers.
> Jerry
> 1
> 2
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