12.1.0 and 13.1.0 provide absurdly small temporary space

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sat Mar 16 17:07:40 EDT 2013

Since the recent discussion of which release is most reliable for remote 
deployments, I've started actually putting 12.1.0 to use in place of 
11.3.1.  One thing I notice is that (despite me customizing /etc/fstab 
with entries having reasonable "size=" values), on both 12.1.0 and 
13.1.0 'df' shows  sizes  of 1 MB for /tmp and for /var/tmp

Apparently *something* (on 12.1.0 and 13.1.0) remounts /tmp and /var/tmp 
after /etc/fstab gets processed.  I tried (on 12.1.0) copying a large 
file into /tmp - and got the error ""No space left on device".

Perhaps this situation contributes to difficulties seen with 12.1.0


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