[support-gang] Customization Sticks fails on 13.1.0 & 12.1.0 for XO-1

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Mon Mar 11 22:54:39 EDT 2013

On 03/11/2013 10:48 PM, John Watlington wrote:

>> That policy is fine but perhaps needs to be more visible to the
>> people going into areas where secure laptops were distributed and
>> we should try to be helpful to those people when they request
>> developer keys.
> If someone isn't being helpful about providing developer keys, let me
> know.

No specific instances that I know of but for some of these people its a 
daunting task especially if they have limited Internet.  Just a friendly 
reminder that some of these people may need a bit of hand holding.  I 
know because I've helped several of them in the past and sometimes it 
can be a bit frustrating. :)

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