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Goog luck!
thanks for all your work improving day by day ours XO!

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Las discusiones siempre fueron muy interesantes :)

La mejor de las suertes tocayo. Espero encuentres el balance que buscas!

On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 1:00 PM, Martin Langhoff <martin at> wrote:

Hello devel!

I haven't been posting here often enough. After a year of enormous

effort, we are approaching start of mass production with XO-4. It is

time for me to announce my departure from OLPC.

My work at OLPC has been a demanding one and I have given it all my

energy. But I have a young family in a foreign country, and I find

that I need

to take things easier and find a bit more personal time.

It has been a great run of ~7 years with OLPC, ~5 of them with a

formal position in the organization, and it has been a great pleasure

to be part of this. Hacking, disagreeing and designing... looking for

a better widget, for a different world for our children.

I continue to be amazed at how hard it is... and at how much you

accomplish on the ground. But all those accomplishments involve more

hands than the members of devel at l.l.o (and related lists). A lot more

hands. We should always remember and respect the teachers and

technicians dealing with problems every day. Problems that may seem

trivial for us while we type an email or update a wikipage, but that

are huge when you don't know the fix, or your don't have the tools or

parts handy, and you are singlehandedly supporting a school of

hundreds of kids with XOs.

John Watlington will be taking over my responsibilities. We have in

fact been working as a team covering HW and SW with our respective

strengths.. We share style and background with OLPC. There is not much

of a transition to worry about, he has been involved in all major

decisions, including hiring me back in 2008 (now you know who to blame!).

I am not completely disappearing from the scene -- I'll stay on

devel at l.l.o :-) I will continue to be involved in e-learning projects

with Moodle and to be part of OLPC's "extended family". Bear in mind I

cannot promise much time involvement -- I will be starting a new job

and prioritizing personal time.

My last day with OLPC will be March 8th. After that, martin at

will be no more, and martin.langhoff at is where you can reach


let's keep hacking together,



 martin at -- Software Architect - OLPC

 - ask interesting questions

 - don't get distracted with shiny stuff  - working code first



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