compiling and running webkit2gtk on xo-1.75/os/candidate/13.2.0-9

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Thu Jun 27 10:08:40 EDT 2013


I have written a native webkit gtk application for HTML5 applications 
(native so it does not require python), and today I tried to compile and 
execute it on the xo-1.75 laptop. My experiences can help fixing the 
issue that webkit2gtk crashes on the laptops as sugarlabs people 
reported it here:

So first I have installed  xo-1.75/os/candidate/13.2.0-9/32009o2.zd
Then I did
*sudo yum install gcc make webkitgtk3-devel*
This installs gtk3-devel as well and updates a lot of packages.
After this the laptop became unusable, could not start Browse, and 
trying to switch to the Gnome desktop made the laptop stuck in start.

The second time I did a reinstall and did yum from the Gnome desktop but 
my program could not be compiled because of
*undefined reference to _glapi_tls_dispatch in*
So I had to make a
*sudo yum update*
which updated a lot of packages and my program finally started. If I 
compile with webkitgtk1 then it runs, with webkitgtk2 it crashes.
The crash (SIGSEGV) happens in *glXCreateContext in /lib/**.1**
As I do not really understand all those package things, it seems to me 
that the compiled webkit2 references OpenGL libraries while webkit1 does 
not. Could we just switch it off somehow while compiling the XO image?


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