Corrupted display on XO1.5 when suspended with screen on

Sebastian Silva sebastian at
Tue Jun 25 01:18:43 EDT 2013

El 21/06/13 13:56, John Watlington escribió:
> This is likely due to the video controller being disabled before the 
> DCON driver has completely finished loading the image into the DCON.
>> Our image is based on 11.3.1 shipping firmware olpc-firmware-q3c06 (but my testing machine has q3c07 and exhibits the same malfunction).
>> (...)
> We did some work to fix the DCON driver in newer releases.
So what component / package etc should I be looking to backport? Almost 
half of the ~820.000 XO laptops in Peru are XO1.5 and their software 
hasn't been updated since 2010. It is unlikely we will rebase to a newer 
release because we had so far observed lower performance on XO1, and a 
long testing/approval process is already well under way.

We haven't met but I'm a long time Sugar Labs volunteer who is focused 
in helping to bridge the upstream and downstream communities, working 
within Sugar Labs Platform team to provide a fully community supportable 
deployment platform.

I count on your support for providing the best possible platform for the 
children of my country.


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