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James Cameron quozl at
Mon Jul 29 01:16:49 EDT 2013

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 09:42:25AM +0545, Basanta Shrestha wrote:
> When I tried building on XO-1.75, it had taken several hours. I
> didn't know repeated builds could have been that fast. I will try
> doing repeated builds once again and if the build time comes under 1
> hour, that's good for me . So, Using XO-4 seems like the best and
> safest option for me right now. 

I checked my result again.  Build took 31 minutes.  I was using an
XO-4 with 2GB RAM, 4GB swap on SD card, 500GB USB HDD.

My build was without Sugar activities.

I was also using two performance changes:


I tested the hardware to establish performance metrics:

1.  internal eMMC, sequential read, 49 MiB/s, (operating system),

2.  USB HDD, sequential read, 27 MiB/s, (osbuilder filesystem),

3.  USB HDD, filesystem write, 27 MiB/s,

4.  external SD, sequential read, 15 MiB/s, (swap),

Sequential read test method for each device was:

	yum install -y pv
	pv -i 30 /dev/sda1 > /dev/null

James Cameron

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