Sugar Collaboration with a Tow Truck

C. Scott Ananian olpc at
Mon Jul 22 11:35:57 EDT 2013

I mentioned this project a while ago on IRC, and cjb has spread it around,
but manuq reminded me that I never actually posted it to a mailing list.

The mozilla Tow Truck project:
is a very nice framework for real-time collaboration in the context of web
apps.  It has a plugin architecture, so you can add your own editor
components for (say) building a turtleart program together.  It also does a
lot of the hard plumbing, like friend-discovery, and necessities, like
real-time chat on top of the collaboration.

This would be a great foundation for "web app Sugar" collaboration.  With
the native plugin approach I've previously advocated, you could build
native Sugar plugins so that TowTruck collaboration could interoperate with
native Sugar collaboration as well (ie, share friends lists, say).

It's a project worth exploring, and potentially a set of wheels worth not

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