Sound issue with XO 1.75 related to OFW version

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Sun Jul 21 09:38:27 EDT 2013


Hi all,


I’ve got a sound issue on a XO 1.75 that seems to be related to firmware


In Q4D34

The sound test on firmware works perfectly: both playing and recording.

At startup, instead of the sweet XO sound I’ve got two short Beep.

No activity can’t play sound: neither Tam-Tam mini, Speak, Browse, 

I’ve tested the FixSound activity (
without more luck.


When I downgrade firmware to Q4B10, the sound work normally both in firmware
test and in Sugar activities.

Q4B10 is mentioned to be the last firmware for A2 and A3

Does it mean that the XO is an A2 or A3 model?

Is there any way to check it?


The XO is a reference SKU203 and have serial SHC20600096.


Best regards from France.





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